Hello there. My name is Jonathan Ham. I’m a senior biology major at Covenant College, a small Presbyterian liberal arts school located atop scenic Lookout Mountain in North Georgia. I’ve always been a computer nerd and over the last three years, have been dealing almost primarily with Apple products (namely my Macbook and iPod touch). Since I’m rather accident prone when it comes to computers, I’ve spent a lot of time fixing my electronic devices and those of others. I do work with PCs from time to time, but I prefer to stick with Apple. I am by no means an Apple fanboy though, I own an HTC Hermes smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.5 and I use Windows XP from time to time via Bootcamp. Both sides have their ups and downs. Since I love technology so much and I battle with it on a near constant basis, I decided to finally start a blog and write about my adventures.

In addition to my computer stories, I’ll post reviews and opinions on various things, i.e. the few TV shows I watch, the occasional movie or video game, or just general thoughts on life. Some of these topics include literature (I like to read a lot), philosophy (I like to think a lot), composition (I like to write a lot), photography (I like to capture things I see), theology (I like to think a lot), music (I like to listen a lot), and anything science-related (primarily biology and chemistry though). I hope that if you take the time to read any of my articles you’ll realize that my intention is never to convince you completely of my view, but simply to express what I hope to be a fairly objective standpoint. At the very least, I hope that my writing inspires you to think further.


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